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Artimex Nghe An, Company - Company in Nghệ An  , Việt Nam - Allbiz
    Artimex Nghe An, Company - Company in Nghệ An  , Việt Nam - Allbiz
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    Artimex Nghe An, Company - Company in Nghệ An  , Việt Nam - Allbiz
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    Artimex Nghe An, Company, Nghệ An Nhà sản xuất

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    Artimex Nghe An, Company, Nghệ An
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    Сompany address: Nghệ An , Việt Nam
    54 Nguyen Trai street, Vinh City; Nghe An, Vietnam
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    Welcome to ARTIMEX NGHEAN Nghean art handicraft import export service and production company is one of the leading State Trade companies of Nghean Province, specialize mainly in producing and exporting wood products and art furniture. Our main line of exports are: * Souvenir * Kitchen ware * Furniture * Bamboo,fern and rattan products With various models and sizes Our products have been exported to many countries in Asia ,Europe and America… Our company runs: Showroom Three workshops for processing wood of about 40,000 square meters. One enterprise for processing and supplying materials One Super Market of 600 m2 for showroom With 1,000 employees All are conveniently located in Vinh City. With 20 years of experience and reputation in this line ,we are really to demand to any inquiry for any model with any export standard at competitive quotation and earliest convenience. Of natural and man-made material created by high-qualified workers and Artists with modern equipment and advanced technology Artimex Nghean is able to supply fantastic and wonderful products to our clients.
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